"My Level 10 daughter competed in two events last weekend and I could see a big difference in her focus. She stuck her beam, series, dismount, and all! This was an amazing accomplishment for her since she was struggling the week prior to competition. She looks awesome, everyone is asking me and her how she is doing it and she keeps telling them to sign up for Web Camp! Great testimonial from a young, injured gymnast. Thank you for your program!"

Web Camp Parent


FEAR – Tame the Beast
A 7-week workbook and video program for gymnastics and tumbling
By Alison Arnold Ph.D.

Dr. Alison Arnold (Doc Ali) has spent the last 24 years developing realistic tools to defeat fear. As the mental toughness coach for USA Gymnastics, she has helped all levels of athletes reach their goals – from beginners through Olympians. She has worked with thousands of athletes performing at a scholarship level and has enabled 11 NCAA teams to achieve peak performance. Her uniquely friendly yet disciplined approach has been recognized the world over for proven results and taming the fear beast.

  • Learn where your fear comes from and fight back
  • Conquer fear using the tools of mind, body and spirit
  • Get in your zone and stay there
  • Practice drills that will help you strengthen the connection between your mind and your body
  • Create a clear picture of what you look, perform and feel like – and achieve it
  • Teach your heart to override your mind
  • Overcome performance blocks and balks
  • Learn to make your routines more automatic
  • Build your confidence bank
  • Create permanent change by reprogramming your brain
  • Manage fears of failure or perfectionism
  • Discover self-identity in and out of sport
  • Improve relationships with parents and coaches
  • Desensitize old traumas or injuries
  • Rediscover the joy of the sport

Athletes will receive a printed workbook as well as links to 28 online videos. 

Individual Athlete Option: Includes a printed workbook and private online access to 28 videos for athletes, parents & coaches.
PRICE: $69 plus shipping

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Gym/Club Option: Would you like a licensed version for your entire gym or a retreat? We'll provide you with a pdf workbook download that allows you to print as many copies as you need and a video access code that will work for every participant in the program. (Not for resale)
PRICE: $499

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